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Course Certificate in Project Management for Lawyers ONLINE


This popular programme is now available to study online. Using a personal login, you'll have access to a structured learning interface which incorporates a range of videos, notes and presentation materials.

As someone working in the legal sector you’re arguably as much a project manager (a legal project manager, if you like) as any “mainstream” project manager. How so? Every client matter has its own unique factors, whether it’s a personal injury claim, a conveyance or an executry. What’s more, because of these unique factors, it’s unlikely that any transaction you are involved with will be repeated in exactly the same way.

The overriding aim of acquiring and using project management skills is to help you give a better service to your clients and also to manage your individual client matters (your legal projects) more effectively.

This course provides a practical introduction to project management approaches and the skills required by legal practitioners. While relevant for all lawyers, it is particularly essential for those who need to understand the processes and pressures that affect clients with project heavy portfolios. It also introduces leading edge management techniques that can be applied immediately into practitioners' firms.

The certificate consists of four sections:

Section 1 - Project Basics and Business Cases

Section 2 - Project Scopes, Risk and Compliance

Section 3 - Project Communication and the Multi Project Environment

Section 4 - Project Performance, Handover and Abandonment

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