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Civil Court Practice

Lady Justice

The Specialist Paralegal Qualification in Civil Court Practice reflects the Court Reform (Scotland) Act 2014. The course has been carefully constructed to give a blend of legal theory, practice drafting of writs and summonses and the wider topics of the marketing of legal services. This specialist training is ideal for paralegals, solicitors returning, local authorities staff, police force personnel and other professionals who deal with the law in Scotland.  The range of essential subjects addressed include:

  • Civil Court Work, sources and general principals of civil law 
  • Elements of the Law of Contract
  • Contracts for the supply of Goods and Sale of Goods Act
  • Elements of the law of Delict and Evidence
  • Debt Recovery and Diligence
  • The Civil Courts and their Jurisdiction
  • Drafting Skills
  • Small Claims Procedure
  • Summary Cause Procedure
  • Ordinary Cause Procedure & Initial Writs
  • Court of Session Procedure
  • Appeals and Expenses
  • Dealing with the Client
  • Preparing and Presenting a case
  • Account of Expenses
  • Professional Ethics for Paralegals

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