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Family Law

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Learn the necessary skills and knowledge to understand the application of and to meet the demands of a challenging family law practice.

About the qualification

Family law in all its aspects is a stimulating and rewarding area of practice requiring the special skill of communication and understanding with people in crises. It is an area of law governed by a substantial framework of modern legislation and an expanding library of judicial guidance set out in the relative case law. Most importantly, it focuses upon our society’s philosophy of adult relationships and of relationships between parent and child. 

Paralegals play a key role in this complex and exciting arena of Family Law. This course will equip candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand and advise on the law relating to domestic and family relationships and particularly cohabitation, separation, divorce and dissolution. The qualification considers the legal position in relation to same sex marriage and the effect of that upon family relationships. A review of the contact and residence provisions for children and the legal orders available to regulate same. You will learn how to undertake the valuation of matrimonial and partnership property and understand the distribution of financial assets on divorce and dissolution. You will become familiar with the ongoing changes to the child support regime. You will learn how to prepare the legal documentation required to record a negotiated outcome and to make a court application for orders in relation to family relationships.

What you'll learn

  • An overview of Domestic Relationships 
  • Legislation Surrounding Family Law and the Grounds for 
Divorce and Dissolution
  • Civil Partnerships and Marriage
  • Financial Provision on Divorce and on Dissolution                  
  • Preparation of Separation Agreement's     
  • Understanding the Divorce Client
  • Drafting court documents              
  • Understanding Parents and Children          
  • The Legal Capacity of Children 
  • Court Orders Relating to Parental Responsibilities and Rights 
  • Child maintenance provisions 
  • Essential Ethics for Paralegals     

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