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8 Tips For Paralegal Jobs

1. Be committed

If you need to ‘find yourself’ do so before finding your forever job. If you want to go travelling, great, but get it done and out of your system before settling down to a job. Stopping and starting will do your career no favours – once you’re in you’re in.

2. Education matters

Employers like candidates with good grades. Employers are however increasingly willing to consider candidates with a wide range of educational backgrounds but whatever qualifications you have undertaken employers will want to see evidence of your intellect and commitment to your subject.

3. Attitude matters as much

No matter where you have come from or who you know, arrogance needs to be left at the door. You will need to start at the bottom of the ladder and as much as your competence is important no-one wants to work with a know it all. Be keen, but be humble and ready to learn.

4. Make your CV as good as it can be

Make your experience, education and personal qualities stand out and get rid of all the waffle. Employers have read all the buzz words before; your CV should be all about you and what you have to offer.

5. Watch your social media

It seems so obvious but every aspect of your life is now easily accessible to prospective employers and, in turn, to their clients and employers do look. Think about your online presence and the impression you present to the world at large.

6. Use a recruitment agency

An agency will market you on your behalf and be aware of opportunities in the marketplace long before they reach recruitment sites. Take time to call in and meet your recruitment consultant; they will be much better placed to find you the right role if they know who you are as a person.

7. Market yourself

No-one is going to knock on your door and offer you your dream job: you need to speak to recruitment consultants, apply to jobs and say yes to any opportunity to meet people in the profession.

8. It’s not all about salary

Landing the job of your dreams is not all about the salary; you also need to be realistic about the level of salary you can expect. Don’t always take the job with the most pay; look for roles with long-term opportunities. Don’t think money, think opportunity.


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