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Reparation Law

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Learn in-depth knowledge of personal injury law and its practical application via the framework of legislation and judicial guidance set out in relative case law.

About the qualification

You will explore the existence of a legal duty and become familiar with the concepts of statutory liability and strict liability. You will learn the test of “reasonable practicability“ and become familiar with the doctrine of contributory negligence.

Road traffic claims will be covered in detail, including the Highway Code, Third party insurance and the two main agreements of the Motor Insurers Bureau. Public Liability claims and Occupiers liability claims will also be explored, in particular tripping and slipping cases, snow and ice cases, road works cases.

You will be provided with an understanding of Employer’s Liability Claims and the circumstances in which they arise.

The course contains all the relevant information on quantification of claims, to include heads of claim,  interest on damages using the medical evidence, jury awards and the Compensation Recovery Unit.

The qualfication explains Interim Damages and Provisional Damages, the ways in which evidence/documents can be recovered, the circumstances in which Third Party Procedure may be used, Motions and counter-claims.

What you will learn

  • Negligence General Principles
  • Road Traffic Claims
  • Public Liability Claims and Occupiers Liability Claims
  • Employer’s Liability Claims
  • Some Specific Statutory Duties (“The Six Pack Regulations“)
  • Quantum
  • The Pursuer’s Claim
  • Progressing the Claim
  • Raising the Action and Basic Court Procedure
  • Incidental Procedures

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