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Residential Conveyancing

Glasgow Tenements

Learn all aspects of the residential conveyancing transaction to ensure the knowledge and practical skills required in the workplace.

About the qualification

This qualification provides a practical overview of buying and selling residential property, providing you with all the knowledge and practical skills needed in the workplace. The course also deals with residential leases and the professional ethics to which a paralegal must adhere. No property can be bought or sold without the conveyancing process and so there is always a need for those with the knowledge and skill of a conveyancer.

The course considers the legal principles underpinning the conveyancing procedure. You will be able to prepare the contract, be aware of the standard terms and conditions and typical amendments to them. You will understand the need for various searches, know the completion procedures, the importance of undertakings, the legal and practical consequences of breach of contract and most importantly how to handle the client’s expectations during the transaction.

What you will learn

  • Sources of Law, Capacity to Contract and Client Information
  • Offering for Heritable Property
  • Selling Heritable Property and Breach of Contract
  • New Build Developments and Missives
  • Requirements of Writing and Execution of Documents
  • Matrimonial/Family Homes and Property Transactions
  • Examination of Title
  • Land Registration and Conveyancing Procedures
  • Powers of Attorney and Orders under the Adults With Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000
  • Abolition of the Feudal System and The Titles Conditions (Scotland) Act 2003
  • Law of the Tenement
  • Borrowing on Heritable Property
  • Residential Leases
  • Insolvency and Executry Conveyancing
  • Acquisition of a Business and Professional Negligence

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