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Course Beyond Time: Structured Approaches to Client and Matter Management


Solicitors seek to organise all aspects of work into effective processes which allow information to flow smoothly and minimise delay. While there are many time management courses available, those who attend often leave the training with ‘time’ being as elusive a concept as when they first entered the classroom! In contrast, this course goes beyond ‘time management’ by introducing structured approaches and methods required by legal practitioners that are memorable, easy to use and can be applied immediately. The aim is to support the development of your own organisational skills so that you may better manage your workload.

This course maps directly to the achievement of PEAT 2 outcomes in Business, Commercial, Financial and Practice Awareness; it is delivered by Iain Sim who in addition to having taught and examined at both Glasgow and Strathclyde Law Schools, is co-author of the book ‘Commercial Awareness for Lawyers’.

After attending this highly interactive and practical course, participants will:

• Describe the limits of time management theory and appreciate why other structures are required

• Recall the theory of delegation and how to use it

• Motivate colleagues to enhance team performance

• Be aware of goal setting and how it can bring a focus to their working lives

• Provide feedback to ensure a team can become more efficient

• Discuss the basic principles of project management and how they can be used to better manage workflow

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