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Course Clients and Courts - Looking and sounding the part!


Perception is everything! Rightly or wrongly, people make judgements on our capability based on how we look, speak and present ourselves. Aware of this, we become more concerned with how we think we appear – leading to a self-conscious and nervous approach – rather than being confident in our technique, tailoring messages to the needs of the audience and challenging preconceptions.

This course considers the needs of lawyers in a variety of contexts. You will be introduced to techniques to help build trust with your audience, define and adapt your message and put ‘presence’ into presentations. It is presented by Carol Jefferson-Davies, a former BBC producer and media consultant who advises companies and individuals worldwide. Carol will guide you to effectively self-evaluate, provide individual feedback and coach you in delivering key messages. This will allow you to leave the course speaking confidently and with impact.

Comments from some of Carol’s students include:

The most interesting and valuable CPD I have participated in.

Inspiring speaker and extremely relevant content.

Highly recommended.

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