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Webinar ONLINE SEMINAR - Understanding Sequestration


This Online Seminar is available to view NOW on demand

There are many elements to sequestration that a lawyer needs to have a firm handle on in order to give best advice to a client. This comprehensive essential update will consider matters, not just from the creditor’s, but also from the debtor’s point of view. Delegates attending this seminar will:

  • obtain an understanding of circumstances in which the sequestration regime applies
  • understand the formalities which a creditor needs to comply with before presenting a sequestration petition
  • be able to draft and present a sequestration petition successfully
  • be able to advise a debtor on applying for sequestration
  • understand and advise on the rights and obligations of the trustee in dealing with the debtor's estate, including the debtor's home
  • gain an appreciation of the legal and practical differences between Trust Deeds and sequestration
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Online Seminar
3 hours


Richard McMeekenDetails
Nicola RossDetails

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Sun 21 Jul 2019


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